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How to Get the Best Deal on Your Auto Insurance Premium

How to get the best deal on your
auto insurance premium

Auto insurance can be expensive and confusing if you don’t have a partner you can trust. Comparing quotes from all of the major insurance companies provides clarity by giving you a broad view of the options available, so you can pick the best deal on the coverage you need.

Here’s how to avoid paying too much for car insurance.

First, understand how auto insurance companies calculate premiums

If you were to peep at your neighbor’s car insurance premium (the amount you pay each month) you’d likely find that it’s quite different from your own. It might be much higher than yours if they have a history of poor driving, or it may be significantly less if they have a dedicated insurance agent working for them.

In fact, your insurance premium may vary greatly depending on the insurer you speak to. One Florida driver who worked with Fiorella discovered that he could pay \$650 for six months of coverage with one provider, while another had offered the same coverage at \$1,400 for six months. If he hadn’t shopped around, he’d have to pay double his current premium!

To get affordable car insurance that still offers all the coverage you need, it helps to understand how insurance companies determine the cost your premium. Typically, all of these factors come into play:

Your vehicle: Insurance companies will take into account your vehicle’s age, mileage, safety rating and more. Your driving record: An accident within the last five years may raise your premium.
Your credit history: A low credit score could indicate a greater chance of missed insurance payments.
Your age and gender: Young males tend to have higher insurance premium.
Your location: Living in a high-crime neighborhood could increase your premium.
Your policy: The type and amount of coverage you want will also affect your insurance payments.

Many other factors, such as discounts for good academic performance, may enter the equation as well. Each insurance company has its own method of calculation, which may explain why a driver would receive wildly different auto insurance quotes from different companies.

Next, find a trustworthy partner to do the research for you

Shopping for affordable car insurance can be a full-time job. It would be a mistake to accept the first quote that comes your way. However, busy professionals often lack the time to research their auto insurance options – and they often end up paying for it in higher premiums.

To ensure you get the best deal possible, you need a trusted partner working on your behalf – someone who truly knows the Florida auto insurance marketplace. However, you’ll still want to avoid small, fly-by-night operations that offer bad policies at rates that are too good to be true.

Only choose an insurance partner who works with A-rated insurance carriers. Do that, and you can rest easy knowing that you’re getting the insurance you need for your unique situation. A trustworthy partner will do the legwork for you, compare quotes from all the major companies and make it easy for you to choose the best deal on car insurance.

Finally, revisit your insurance coverage every six months

Insurance premiums change. If you’ve had a perfect driving record over the past six months, you may be eligible for an improved rate. But who has the time to shop dozens of auto insurance providers every six months? In a single year, you’d have to make hundreds of inquires and follow up on confusing policies in order to ensure you’re getting the best rate.

If you choose not to revisit your policy every six months, you could end up spending hundreds of dollars each year that could have gone to something a little more exciting that car insurance.

Don’t have the time for all this research? Don’t sweat it. Choose an auto insurance partner who will do the heavy lifting for you. Fiorella Insurance keeps a finger on the pulse of the insurance marketplace so you don’t have to.


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