About Us

Mission Statement : To help our clients feel good about their insurance by making the process of buying insurance simple and personalized.

About Fiorella Insurance Agency

In the early 1980’s, Nick and Sharon Fiorella moved to Florida with little more than an entrepreneurial spirit and a growing family to feed. They opened a very small “Mom and Pop” agency and saw growth year after year by pouring in lots of hard work and always treating their clients fairly. The family run agency is now overseen by their son, Nick Fiorella, Jr., and his childhood friend, Cory Lloyd. The company has shared incredible success through a commitment to the community, corporate culture and core values. Today, Fiorella Insurance is one of the fastest growing agencies in the entire country.

Core Values

  • Family: As a family-owned company, we are a company that believes that putting our clients, partners, employees and communities first will inevitably lead to a healthy and successful business.
  • Citizenship: We recognize and are humbled by how fortunate we are to have the opportunity to do business with in the communities we serve. It is our responsibility to give back to these communities.
  • Respect: We treat everyone we come into contact with kindness and respect whether they are a client, future client, partner, or co-worker. Every time we interact with someone is an opportunity to build on a relationship based on trust and credibility.
  • Personalizing: We value the ability to treat each person as a unique individual. It is our ability to value people as individuals that inspires creativity from our employees and loyalty from our clients.
  • Simplicity: We recognize how confusing insurance can be, and we understand the trust our clients have put in us to guide them through the process of owning insurance. We make the process appear simple to the client while providing enough education for our clients to make informed decisions and feel good about their choices.
  • Efficiency: The ever-evolving changes in technology bring us the opportunity to do more with less by harnessing technology, practicing the highest level of organization, and developing and adhering to effective business practices.

best place to work


Fiorella Insurance will be a destination for a client’s insurance needs and eliminate the need to shop around, and we will also be a destination workplace for employees and agents. We will achieve this by offering industry leading customer service focused on helping each client’s individual situation, making the process appear effortless, and representing the widest possible range of carriers available. While taking care of our customers, we will also give back to our local communities.


What sets us apart from other insurance companies is our commitment to our community. At Fiorella Insurance, we donate $1 for every policy we sell. Our goal for 2015 was to donate more than $12,000 to a local non-profit charity.  The 2015 recipient will be Molly’s House in Stuart, Florida. Molly’s House is a refuge in the Treasure Coast that provides accommodations to families with temporary housing needs during a medical crisis. Since opening in 1996, Molly’s House has provided an affordable oasis for over 17,000 guests.  By staying at Molly’s House, family members can better communicate with their loved one’s medical team and help keep up with treatment plans.  They can also focus on the health of their loved one rather than worry about how to pay the hotel bill.



 We raised charity icon$ 9,724 dollars for charity in 2015.

Corporate Culture

We will steadfastly pursue a work environment that fosters growth both on an individual and corporate level. Our culture will support and inspire friendships, responsible work-life balances, positive attitudes and open communication.